Chumbe and Mafia Island

Chumbe Island is a fantastic holiday destination but, because of it being so protected it’s not visited that often. For travellers that would like to see the most amazing coral reefs and fantastic tropical fish then we highly recommend the Chumbe Island…. Mafia Island is more well-known and more often visited than the Chumbe Island. Mafia Island is part of the famous Tanzania Spice Islands. Travellers love exploring the hidden treasures on and around this Tanzanian island… Mafia Island becomes the perfect destination for travellers who want relaxation and for those that want a bit more excitement adventure scuba diving and game fishing opportunities are available!

Healthy dwelling place

Mafia Island got it name from either an Arabic word that means ‘group’ or ‘archipelago’ or from a Swahili word that means ‘healthy dwelling place’… either way the name and possible meanings describe this Tanzanian island perfectly. Even though it is a fantastic island to visit when you are in Tanzania, travellers need to respect that this island is firstly and fore mostly a protected reserve. Mafia Island is actually one large island surrounded by several smaller ones. One of the popular areas for travellers is Chloe Bay which is Mafia’s protected deep-water anchorage and original harbour. Chumbe Island and Mafia Island are great Tanzania holiday destinations as they boast protected areas, colourful fish, stunning beaches and so much more. If you are interested in Mafia or Chumbe Island please let us know; we would love to help you plan a magical Tanzania vacation!

During all game drive safaris you will be guided by a safari ranger. You will be advised when to take photographs and other important details in your final Itinerary program. We use VHF Radio and have a rescue program when need arises.
Zumbe Safaris uses 4x4 Land cruiser safari vehicle, you will reach your destination park or attraction on time without compromising comfort and safety. Every details will be given to you final itinerary program. All our vehicles have open roof for photography and game viewing hence enhancing your safari experience while on safari.
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