Combined African Safari

In combined African safaris you the itinerary is combined with two destination to add more taste to it, for example if you like to do mountain hiking you can combine beach holidays after your hiking or game drive and lastly do beach holidays and vice versa, to learn more about these itinerary types click on the tabs below:-

During all game drive safaris you will be guided by a safari ranger. You will be advised when to take photographs and other important details in your final Itinerary program. We use VHF Radio and have a rescue program when need arises.
Zumbe Safaris uses 4x4 Land cruiser safari vehicle, you will reach your destination park or attraction on time without compromising comfort and safety. Every details will be given to you final itinerary program. All our vehicles have open roof for photography and game viewing hence enhancing your safari experience while on safari.
Accommodation are as per your Itinerary program, we offer 3 types of accommodation Budget Camping, Lodge Safaris and Luxury Tented